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[March 16 - March 30, 2011]

Byron Peters’ public installation whereby the Balcone gallery was expropriated and re-zoned as social-housing.

[Intro to exhibition write-up]: A boarded-up window is a profile of disinvestment. It is a moment when poverty does for the investor what it alone can accomplish: to serve as a place-holder for maintaining low property values, perhaps while re-zoning hearings drag on into the night. A flowing stream of capital is captured and tightly held together in a vicious collapse. Yet the collapse does not come home to roost because it is already present, perched at the site of primitive accumulation gained through simple land-rent. What happens, however, when a short-circuit in the network brings the devaluation back onto its origin? Is there a collapse before the “primitive accumulation” begins – when the detonation is in the home of the bombmaker? 

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